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Mortgage Modification Bill Stalls in the Senate

Status of H.R. 1106: "Helping Families Save their Home Act of 2009" is uncertain. The law would give bankruptcy judges the ability to 'cram down' the principal balance and monthly payments, wiping out tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of money owed in an effort to keep more people in their homes and to stabilize the housing market. read more

Washington Homeowner Rights Bill: Contact Your Legislator Now

The Washington legislature is debating a bill drafted to address real property construction improvements through consumer education, warranty protections, contractor registration requirements, and worker certification standards. Currently, a consumer in Washington has more warranty protection when they purchase a toaster in this state than they do when they buy a single family residence. Support the state legislature correct this imbalance by passing ESSB 1393. read more

HR 1106 Passed by House

Updated on HR 1106 read more

Legislative Alert: Contact Your Congressperson Today!

Contact your Congressperson today to let them know you oppose H.R. 1106 as currently written, as it will have several unintended adverse consequences upon homeowner associations. read more

End of Session Legislative Update for Washington

End-of-session legislative update for Washington including important bills on tenants rights for conversions, reserve accounts and studies and what happened to the HOA Act Committee Bill. read more

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