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Call to Action: Legislative Alert

Bills that could impact community associations. read more

H.R. 1106 Dies in the Senate

H.R. 1106 dies in U.S. Senate. read more

Legislative Update

There is a lot of prospective legislation (both locally and nationally) affecting homeowner associations and individual homeowners. This heightened level of legislative activity in this area appears to have increased probably in part as fallout from the economic crisis. read more

Mortgage Modification Bill Stalls in the Senate

Status of H.R. 1106: "Helping Families Save their Home Act of 2009" is uncertain. The law would give bankruptcy judges the ability to 'cram down' the principal balance and monthly payments, wiping out tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of money owed in an effort to keep more people in their homes and to stabilize the housing market. read more

HR 1106 Passed by House

Updated on HR 1106 read more

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