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Plausible deniability is not the standard by which your associations should operate. Unfortunately, that's exactly what too many associations are doing. read more

Reserve Funding

It is currently unknown whether HUD/FHA will require a specific type of methodology for determining percentage of reserve funding in approving FHA certified condominium projects. We suggest that the use of a particular funding method does not dictate a particular result; what's most important is funding results. read more

FAQs Regarding the New Washington Reserve Study Law

FAQs regarding the new Washington Reserve Study law that went into effect on June 12, 2008. read more

End of Session Legislative Update for Washington

End-of-session legislative update for Washington including important bills on tenants rights for conversions, reserve accounts and studies and what happened to the HOA Act Committee Bill. read more

Legislature Encourages Rather than Requires Reserve Studies and Funding

Legislature prposes bill encouraging reserve studies and funding read more

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