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Code RED

I was recently participating in a mediation for a client condominium association. We are pursuing a first party insurance claim for property damage discovered by the client. Due to the amount of repairs necessary for the project, the client triggered certain code upgrades required by the County and fire department. The upgrades were both unexpected and costly at just under $500,000. read more

Pitfalls of Permits, Licenses & Variances

Most every community association possesses discretion to grant a permit, license or variance for specified conduct of its members. For example, a homeowner association that has a 30-foot height limitation for structures on lots conceivably could grant a variance to an owner who wanted to build a 21 foot home due to extraordinary topography conditions. Or perhaps a condominium association could grant a permit for a disabled owner to use an elevator ordinarily restricted to commercial use. There is a limitless set of examples where permits, licenses or variances may be acceptable in the community association context. read more

Read Your Insurance Policy, It Is Your Duty!

What is your duty to read your insurance policy? read more

Changes, Changes, and More Changes: Amending Governing Documents in Oregon

Oregon continues to amend community association documents. read more

Oregon Liens: Can We Cut in Line?

Differences between planned community and condominium association liens. read more

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