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Why So Few Condos in Seattle (Part 2)

In last week's post, we discussed the data and hard numbers supporting the influx of apartment buildings over condominium projects in the Puget Sound region. We concluded simple economics-maximizing profit-was the reason the large number of cranes in Seattle and Bellevue are constructing apartment buildings and not condominiums. But that's not what the building industry wants you to think. read more

Why So Few Condos in Seattle (Part 1)

The record-setting number of cranes visible in the Seattle and Bellevue skylines reflect a construction boom that began in earnest in 2015. Companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook and other IT darlings are hiring like crazy. Like San Francisco, Seattle is a hot area to live, bringing thousands of new residents each month. With all of this growth, construction, and demand for housing, you may wonder why more condominiums are not being built in King County. read more

Washington Homeowner Rights Bill: Contact Your Legislator Now

The Washington legislature is debating a bill drafted to address real property construction improvements through consumer education, warranty protections, contractor registration requirements, and worker certification standards. Currently, a consumer in Washington has more warranty protection when they purchase a toaster in this state than they do when they buy a single family residence. Support the state legislature correct this imbalance by passing ESSB 1393. read more

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