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H.R. 1106 Dies in the Senate

H.R. 1106 dies in U.S. Senate. read more

HR 1106 Passed by House

Updated on HR 1106 read more

Legislative Alert: Contact Your Congressperson Today!

Contact your Congressperson today to let them know you oppose H.R. 1106 as currently written, as it will have several unintended adverse consequences upon homeowner associations. read more

HOAs Experiencing Underfunded Finances

Developer abandonment is likely to become a serious issue in the coming year for many homeowner association communities. Partially completed subdivisions and newer communities more prone to home foreclosures are the ones most likely to suffer, experts say. . . Homeowners in neighborhoods with underfunded HOAs have seen their association fees increase at the same time amenities and services are being reduced or eliminated. read more

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