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The Great Carnac Would Have Been One Hell of an Insurance Agent

One of Johnny Carson's greatest bits was when he donned a cape and turban and became the Great Carnac. The Great Carnac had the ability to divine answers to unknown questions. If the Great Carnac was real, he probably would have made a nice living as an insurance agent. Presumably, your insurance agent does not have the same mentalist powers as the Great Carnac. Because of these limitations, it is incumbent on you to actually ask the questions that the Great Carnac would otherwise divine. read more

Architectural Review Committees: When Silence is Not Golden

Although summer is the most popular season for construction and it is quickly coming to a close (I am not ready to admit it's over), architectural review committees ("ARCs") operate year-round to review and respond to architectural review committee applications. If you plan on serving on your association's architectural review committee (sometimes called "architectural control committees" or "ACCs"), we have a couple of important tips to keep in mind. read more

The Attorney-Client Privilege

Determining who is covered. read more

Association and Homeowner Insurance: Who Pays?

Washington state laws. read more

Process and Procedure

The importance of following proper procedure. read more

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