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Association and Homeowner Insurance: Who Pays in Oregon?

The association v. the owner. read more

Association Meeting Notices in the Digital Age, Part 2 Oregon Associations

Part 2 of 3 read more

Process and Procedure

The importance of following proper procedure. read more

Reserve Funding

It is currently unknown whether HUD/FHA will require a specific type of methodology for determining percentage of reserve funding in approving FHA certified condominium projects. We suggest that the use of a particular funding method does not dictate a particular result; what's most important is funding results. read more

Towing Vehicles on HOA Property in Washington

In general, state law requires that a homeowner association contact a public official, most likely local law enforcement, to have a vehicle removed from public property. An association may remove vehicles located on private property under its control immediately if the property is posted or if it qualifies as residential property. On unposted nonresidential property the vehicle may be towed after it has been parked for twenty-four (24) hours. read more

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