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Deciphering Association Records Requests

This past weekend I spoke at the Community Association Institute's ("CAI") South Sound Law Day on the topic of association records. Based on the number of questions from the audience on owner requests to obtain or review records, I thought I'd summarize some highlights here. read more

An Example of When to Contact Association Legal Counsel

The other day, I was contacted by an acquaintance who asked for my help changing his condominium's no-pet policy. He explained that he was a board member, and that their condominium's "bylaws" banned all pets. My first question was whether he wanted my assistance personally or as counsel for his condominium association, to which I received a bewildered look. After a bit more digging, I learned that the reason this person sought my counsel was because the other directors told him that if he wanted to change the bylaws, he either needed to prepare the documents himself or go get his own lawyer to prepare "the documents" for the condominium. The association would not pay for an attorney. The board's position was unwise for several reasons. read more

Paralysis by Analysis: Breaking Board Inaction

Tips to become proactive when an issue arises. read more

Is Smoking a Nuisance?

The battle of smokers v. non-smokers in the association. read more

"A Fine by Any Other Name" Part 1 of 2

Fine v. Fee read more

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