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New FHA Rules to Create New Association Duties

On September 13, HUD released new rules for the Fair Housing Act (FHA) that will impact community associations. Under these new rules, which take effect on October 14, 2016, a community association could face liability for the discriminatory acts of residents who harass or create a hostile environment for other residents. read more

An Update on Hoarding

A couple of years ago Barker Martin anticipated that hoarding would be an issue for community associations to contend with under laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act and Fair Housing Act. Since then, the issue has continued to garner greater attention in its effect on the community at large. read more

Dog, Cats, and...Turkeys?

I was out on a walk one day when I noticed a turkey in my neighborhood—it was roaming free in an unfenced yard. I saw the turkey during the first part of fall and noticed that the turkey remained after Thanksgiving (admittedly, I am not certain it's the same turkey, but I believe so). At one point, I wondered if the turkey was a pet. read more

Director's Only Swim Time

Are your pool rules regulation? read more


Is your Association engaging in discrimination? read more

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