Barker Martin

Condo-HOA Blog - August, 2020

The Washington HOA Political Yard Sign Minefield

Election season has returned. Although, when is it not election season? This year's presidential campaign promises to be one of the most contentious in living memory, and there are a number of state and local candidates and ballot measures that promise to be very divisive as well. Moreover, there are political issues that are critically important to our friends and neighbors, even if those issues are not directly on the ballot. Many owners will want to display signs in support of candidates, campaigns, or issues on their Lots, Units, or in their Limited Common Elements. read more

WSCAI Law Day - Saturday August 8th

WSCAI Law Day is this Saturday August 8, 2020 from 8:30a to 3:00p and will be a virtual event! There will be multiple different classes offered throughout the day on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to, how to protect your association's data from cyber theft, handling water leaks, collecting unpaid assessments, and WUCIOA. read more

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