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The Washington HOA Political Yard Sign Minefield

Election season has returned. Although, when is it not election season? This year's presidential campaign promises to be one of the most contentious in living memory, and there are a number of state and local candidates and ballot measures that promise to be very divisive as well. Moreover, there are political issues that are critically important to our friends and neighbors, even if those issues are not directly on the ballot. Many owners will want to display signs in support of candidates, campaigns, or issues on their Lots, Units, or in their Limited Common Elements. read more

Board Collaboration With Care

Programs that allow users to share notes and other work product in real time have increased in popularity in recent years. However, the pandemic and resulting business closures have made services like Microsoft Teams indispensable for some industries. Some community association boards in Washington and Oregon may experience the utility of these programs in one context, and want to translate the same connectivity to assist their work on the board. While most governing documents probably do not expressly prohibit using a shared system for notetaking and discussion, there are some potential issues your association should consider before deciding to use one of these programs. read more


Ep. IX: The Rise of (Low Risk & Existing) Construction Projects

The last several days have seen changes in Washington State as Governor Inslee ordered the limited re-opening of certain business sectors. Among these actions was an order resuming low-risk construction work. Unlike Oregon, whose business closure order did not apply to the construction industry, Washington halted virtually all construction statewide. read more


Unapproved Tree Work Carries a Risk of Civil Penalties

The Pacific Northwest was built in large part on the back of a booming logging industry. Since those early days, the region is known for dense, wild forest lands and progressive forest management. The States of Washington and Oregon take trees very seriously. You may be aware of state laws that severely punish those who cut down trees without permission on the land of another. For example, ORS 105.810 and RCW 64.12.030 allow for triple damages against someone held liable for "timber trespass." read more


Misadventures in Rulemaking

Arguably the most challenging task a community association board of directors can undertake is drafting rules and regulations for their community. Good intentions, but bad drafting, can lead to unanticipated results and make enforcement difficult or impossible. read more

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