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Collections During a Pandemic

Many associations have inquired whether there are any restrictions in taking collections action to recover unpaid assessments. Currently, the Cares Act and other federal laws do not prevent associations from proceeding with collections, including initiating a personal obligation or foreclosure lawsuit. Likewise, there is not a Washington or Oregon state law preventing an association from sending delinquency notice letters, recording liens, or filing lawsuits. read more

WSCAI Law Day - Saturday August 8th

WSCAI Law Day is this Saturday August 8, 2020 from 8:30a to 3:00p and will be a virtual event! There will be multiple different classes offered throughout the day on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to, how to protect your association's data from cyber theft, handling water leaks, collecting unpaid assessments, and WUCIOA. read more


Collections Policies

Oregon and Washington state law authorize condominium and homeowners' associations to impose and collect late fees for late payment of assessments. In some cases, the association's declaration may state when an assessment is considered delinquent but often the declaration does not provide the amount of the late fee or how frequently it will be imposed. One way an association may establish the amount of the late fee is for the Board to adopt a collections policy. In addition to stating the amount of the late fee, the collections policy can also provide the interest rate that will be assessed, as well as provide clear, concise procedures for handling delinquent accounts. read more


Join Us In Welcoming....

Please join us in welcoming Bria Wedgeworth! Bria is an attorney based in our Seattle office and will primarily be assisting with general counsel related matters. Prior to joining Barker Martin, Bria worked on the Legal Integration Support team at T-Mobile assisting with the upcoming merger with Sprint. Bria attended John Marshall Law School in Chicago where she competed in several moot court and dispute resolution competitions, and also had the chance to study abroad in Switzerland! We are very excited to have Bria as part of the Barker Martin team! read more


Washington Legislative Update

In Washington, there were several bills impacting collection of association assessments passed in the recent legislative session and signed by the governor that become effective July 28, 2019. read more

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