Barker Martin

Product Liability

Sometimes during the investigation of our client’s homes or projects, we discover that defective products have been used in the construction of their buildings.  Defective products can cause problems throughout the lifespan of a building or development.  Many products are designed to last for decades and their premature failure, even in older buildings, can form the basis of a legal claim. 

Barker Martin’s attorneys are experienced in identifying and evaluating the complex issues involved with product liability claims.  We maximize recovery for our clients by bringing direct claims against both developers and manufacturers responsible for damages as appropriate.  In some instances, allegedly defective products become the subject of class action lawsuits. 

As part of its efforts to protect and serve its clients, Barker Martin has prosecuted putative class actions in Washington and Oregon and is currently involved in ongoing negotiations in a national class action involving allegedly defective plumbing components.  Thus, we are uniquely situated to advise our clients on both direct claims and on the effect of participating in class action claims or settlements. 

  • PEX system fittings
  • CPVC pipes
  • Hydronic heating systems
  • Window products
  • Decking products
  • Vinyl siding
  • High rise plumbing systems
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