Barker Martin

Insurance Coverage

Construction defect or warranty claims have two primary components – proving the existence of defects and establishing insurance coverage to obtain money for the repairs.  Proving insurance coverage is at least half the battle.  That is why each of Barker Martin’s litigation attorneys is also an insurance coverage attorney.  In fact, Barker Martin is the only firm in the region with an attorney dedicated exclusively to insurance issues affecting community associations – Jim Guse.  From the beginning of every case, Barker Martin’s strategy includes thorough insurance coverage analysis, including navigation of highly technical aspects of insurance coverage and exclusions.  Throughout the case, insurance issues may evolve and change the legal strategy.  Our experienced coverage counsel can adapt the arguments to the case to successfully traverse the complex insurance landscape.

Barker Martin employs our insurance coverage knowledge and experience to provide other insurance-related services to our clients.  We assist our clients with property insurance claims; coverage under Association, D&O or liability policies, policy renewals, or any loss potentially covered by insurance.  Barker Martin is also uniquely qualified to assist community associations in the procurement and review of its own property, general liability and D&O insurance policies.

  • Collapse Claims
  • Property Insurance Analysis
  • Coverage Disputes
  • Insurance Bad Faith
  • General Liability Coverage Analysis
  • Insurance Litigation
  • D&O Defense
  • Insurance Advice & Procurement
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