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Rigged (HOA!) Elections

A few months ago, the Chairman and Secretary of a Pennsylvania community association were convicted by a jury of election fraud. The directors schemed to fill out ballots to stack the deck in upcoming board elections. An attorney in Las Vegas plead guilty to a similar charges a few years back. He was part of a plan to falsify ballots to elect board members that would direct business to certain vendors. read more

Court Says Unanimity Required for Old Act Condos to Convert Common Areas

In a recent decision, Lake v. Woodcreek Homeowners Association, Division I of the Washington Court of Appeals held that a homeowner adding a bonus room onto his unit actually converted common area to part of his unit under the theory that the air space around his unit was common area because common areas were defined as anything "not expressly described as part of the individual residence apartments or as limited common area." read more

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