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Court Says Unanimity Required for Old Act Condos to Convert Common Areas

A case decided on the last day of December 2007 may affect how older condominiums vote on additions to condos.  Boards of older condominiums built prior to July 1, 1990 subject to the Horizontal Property Regimes Act often have difficulties knowing what percentage vote is required to do certain acts. In a recent decision, Lake v. Woodcreek Homeowners Association, Division I of the Washington Court of Appeals held that a homeowner adding a bonus room onto his unit actually converted common area to part of his unit under the theory that the air space around his unit was common area because common areas were defined as anything “not expressly described as part of the individual residence apartments or as limited common area.” Thus, the declaration required consent of all unit owners. This case could have a major impact on the ability of architectural control committees to approve exterior construction on condominiums subject to the Horizontal Property Regimes Act.