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Update on the Infamous Open Garage Door Rule

On January 25, 2018, I blogged about an HOA in Auburn, California that passed a rule requiring all of its owners to leave their garage doors open during the day. The goal of the rule was to prevent owners from using their garages as living spaces. The patently overbroad rule—which, in effect, would render residents' possessions in their garages unsecured—subjected the association and board to local and national media scrutiny and criticism. read more

The Difference Between Cats and Dogs: What Do Your Governing Documents Say?

Steps that associations can take to ensure they are enforcing their governing documents. read more

Are Rental Intercepts the Answer?

Rental intercept may be the answer, but diligent enforcement of the lease provisions is the key. read more

Governing Documents and Respecting the Order of Authority

What is the highest rank? read more

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