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Watch Out for Neighborhood Watch Programs

A community association should ensure effective safeguards are in place to eliminate unnecessary liability and potential tragedy when implementing neighborhood watch programs. read more

Annual Meetings: The Time to Shine [Part I]

Through proper planning and a few "tricks of the trade," every community association can coordinate and run a highly successful and effective annual meeting. read more

Down Economy Exacerbates Strife Within Community Associations

As the economy continues to sputter with unemployment and foreclosure rates remaining at record levels, there is a recent spike in conflict between condo and HOA homeowners and boards of directors. read more

How to Deal With a "Crazy" Board of Directors

The key to reducing and resolving disputes between "crazy" homeowners or boards of directors is to rely strictly upon an association's governing documents. A modicum of common sense and reasonableness also go a long way. read more

Supreme Court of Washington to Condominium Owners: A Lump of Coal for Christmas

In a 6-3 decision issued on Christmas Eve, the Washington Supreme Court sided with condominium developers in upholding arbitration clauses incorporated into condominium purchase and sale agreements. read more

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