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Spring Cleaning

As my wife is apt to do, she recently gave our house a good spring cleaning. Luckily (for me), I wasn't home. The first sign I had that the purge was underway was when I pulled into the driveway and opened the garage door. There was a rather large plant (fake apparently) taking a prominent spot near the garbage. I asked my wife where the plant came from. Much to my surprise, the plant had been residing in the corner of my bonus room for several years. Despite the fact that I had entered that room every day for the past several years, I honestly could not remember ever noticing it. I'm sure at some point in my life I noticed the plant. Maybe it was on the first day, maybe the tenth, but I must have noticed it at some point. Like many things in our lives, the more we see them, the more they fade into the woodwork and fail to grab out attention. At this point, you are probably wondering what the heck this has to do with insurance. Bear with me. read more

Can't We All Just Get Along?

There are certain situations in life that tend to bring out the worst in people, and one of those is when neighbors just cannot seem to get along. Whether at an HOA or condominium, when people of diverse personalities and interests, who would otherwise not be connected in any way, are forced to live in close proximity to one another, it can be a recipe for conflicts, particularly when owners refuse to compromise or communicate with one another. I have yet to see a set of governing document that expressly requires owners to be friends and get along. read more

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