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Tree Trouble - Part I, Timber Trespass

One aspect of real property law that I find interesting is how some of the nastiest legal disputes are between neighboring property owners. On one hand, it would seem incumbent upon neighbors to be friendly and cooperative to one another because they are forced to interact regularly. On the other hand, the likelihood, or at least opportunity, for disputes seems to increase proportionately the closer people live to one another. read more

What Should You Trust In After a Volatile Election?

I don't know if you remember this, but there was an election recently that was rather volatile. Whether you are happy or unhappy with the outcome, the question on everyone's mind is: What happens next? How will our government change? How will we be governed? The final answer to those questions will not be known for some time, but what we do know is that whatever the intent, significant change in policy will be tempered and guided by our country's Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, laws and the multitude of checks and balances inherent in the structure of our democracy. Those fundamental concepts or "governing documents," to use a term of art, form the core of our democracy. They provide our country with stability and allow our country to transfer power relatively peacefully, no matter how contested the election. read more

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