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The Untold Cost of Oversharing on Social Media

I’m going to let you in on a secret. Nobody really cares about your meal posts. Your “humblebrags” typically result in eye-rolls, not envy. And, I hate to say it, but only people whose names start with “Grammy” are viewing your 50th kid photo. But, there is a new player who is very interested in your social media posts: your insurance company.

New York recently released guidelines allowing life insurance companies to use data from social media to determine premiums. So your photos of rock climbing, driving without a seatbelt, hang-gliding, and other risky behavior might result in higher premiums. Other states are sure to follow.

Premiums are not the only consequence of oversharing on social media. Workers Compensation and liability insurance carriers have long mined social media posts to prove injuries are non-existent or that insureds are malingering.

Worse yet are people like Jacob Cox-Brown of Astoria. Astoria police were tipped off of a curious Facebook post of Mr. Cox-Brown where he boasted about driving drunk and hitting a car the night prior. His oversharing resulted in his arrest and certain property damage claim.

We were taught in kindergarten that sharing is good. While that is true, oversharing won’t just bore your viewers anymore. It might just cost you an insurance claim or perhaps even your freedom.