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Getting Ahead of the Game

In times of crisis, Boards generally try to solve the specific issue in front of them, sometimes overlooking basic principles and procedures.  So the best time to focus on these basic principles and procedures is before a crisis.  Those times may be few and far between, but just after the annual meeting at which new board members were elected is the perfect time for basic board training or, as we like to call it, Board Boot Camp.  Boot Camp is also good as a refresher for incumbent board members.

Our Board Boot Camp benefits owners and managers because the training covers many basic issues that managers find themselves explaining over and over during the year.

Especially if you have new board members, preparing a notebook of the governing documents, reminders about the Board's duties to the Association, and visual cues to help Boards understand how to respond to common situations can be extremely helpful.  The training can certainly be tailored to your Association, but generally covers a wide range of topics, including sources of board and association authority, governing document hierarchy, association and board member liability and board duties.  We also provide guidance on best practices for meetings, budgets, records, communications, record requests, amendments, effective use of professional management, and common trouble areas.  The meeting is interactive, so directors and managers can ask questions and share concerns.

Directors can expect to come away from the session with a much better understanding of the basics of how their association is intended to function.  For new directors, it is essential information.  For experienced directors, it is a great refresher and can lead to a deeper understanding of the purposes and powers of the board and association.  For managers, the meeting can be referenced when explaining issues to boards in the future.

Please call me or David Silver to discuss any questions you may have about the value of Board Boot Camps or to scheduling a meeting.