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Bill Proposes Increased Rights to Tenants of Apartments Slated for Conversion


House Bill 2014, which would provide additional protections and disclosures to renters of apartments slated for conversion to condominiums, underwent its first major change this year. Today, the first substitute bill passed out of the House. The bill was first proposed last session, passed out of the House Committee on Housing, but session ended before it went any further. 

Currently, SHB 2014 provides that a condominium converter must give the current tenant 120 days’ notice of the conversion and must provide notice of any relocation assistance. In addition, any construction work commenced during that 120 days must not disturb the tenants’ “quiet enjoyment.” The bill defers to the local cities and counties whether to require the conversion declarant to fund relocation assistance.  

Track the status of SHB 2014 here