Barker Martin

Condo-HOA Blog - June, 2020

Board Collaboration With Care

Programs that allow users to share notes and other work product in real time have increased in popularity in recent years. However, the pandemic and resulting business closures have made services like Microsoft Teams indispensable for some industries. Some community association boards in Washington and Oregon may experience the utility of these programs in one context, and want to translate the same connectivity to assist their work on the board. While most governing documents probably do not expressly prohibit using a shared system for notetaking and discussion, there are some potential issues your association should consider before deciding to use one of these programs. read more


Recent Case Highlights Dangers of Collections in a Bankruptcy

Bankruptcies are governed by federal (national) statutes and case law. Under current authority, an owner may be shielded from the collection of certain HOA assessments. In general, a bankruptcy begins with the filing of a bankruptcy "petition." At the conclusion of the bankruptcy, with limited exceptions, debts incurred prior to the filing of the petition ("pre-petition debts") are "discharged" meaning the debts are wiped away and can no longer be enforced against the individual. read more


Dance Like Nobody is Watching, But Email Like Everyone is Watching

You've probably all heard the saying, "dance like nobody is watching." It is likely hung on a friend's wall right now, just feet away from a Live, Laugh, Love sign. And, while I wholeheartedly support that sentiment, I offer some practical advice: email like everyone is watching. read more

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