Barker Martin

Condo-HOA Blog - December, 2017

Automatic Bankruptcy Stay

This week, I am digging deeper into the bankruptcy world to discuss the Automatic Bankruptcy Stay. I'm guessing you are not a stranger to this term and that at some point you have been told that you cannot do "XYZ" because of the Automatic Bankruptcy Stay. But, what is that? read more

Buyer Beware

The Washington Condominium Act (WCA) implied warranties are again under attack by some in the building industry. In the 1990s and early 2000s there was a glut of terrible construction that resulted in huge repair costs and a lot of litigation. The WCA warranties provided recourse for many owners with construction defects during that time. The warranties have also forced the construction industry to raise the "industry standard" when it comes to quality construction. Removing such protections would pave the way for a repeat of past mistakes read more

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