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The Insurable Interest Vortex

There is a roadside attraction in Oregon called the Oregon Vortex, where purported paranormal forces cause a number of optical illusions and oddities. It is definitely on my bucket list of Pacific Northwest attractions I want to visit. I have, however, made several visits to what I call the "Insurable Interest" vortex. While I doubt paranormal forces are at work with this vortex, it is worth a word of warning. read more

Suit Limitations

If an Association fails to act in a timely matter, its suit will be lost forever. read more

20 Million Reasons to Fix your Buildings

A Multnomah County jury recently reached a verdict in a lawsuit filed by Robert Trebelhorn against the Wimbledon Square apartments. It was undisputed that Mr. Trebelhorn fell through a rotting second-story walkway and injured his knee. The jury awarded $295,000 for medical bills and pain and suffering. The jury, however, did not stop there. They awarded $20 million in punitive damages. No, you did not misread that number. Twenty. Million. Dollars. read more


Taking No for an Answer

Everyone has probably heard the idiom, "Don't take no for an answer." This phrase can be traced back to a 1930 quote from Winston Churchill. It has been used countless times since in boardrooms, sales calls, and casting rooms. And yes… wait for it… it also applies in the field of insurance. read more

Code RED

I was recently participating in a mediation for a client condominium association. We are pursuing a first party insurance claim for property damage discovered by the client. Due to the amount of repairs necessary for the project, the client triggered certain code upgrades required by the County and fire department. The upgrades were both unexpected and costly at just under $500,000. read more

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