Barker Martin

Bellingham Condominium and Homeowner attorneys

Phone: 360-756-9806 Toll-free: 888-381-9806 Fax: 360-756-9807
114 W. Magnolia Street
Suite 400-134
Bellingham, WA 98225


Southbound on I-5:
Heading South on I-5 merge onto Ohio Street via Exit 254 toward State Street.
Turn Left onto N. State Street.
Turn Right into E. Champion Street.
Turn Left onto Commercial Street.
Turn Left onto W. Magnolia Street.
Northbound on I-5:
Heading North on I-5 take Exit 253 toward Lakeway Drive.
Turn Right onto King Street
Turn Right onto Lakeway Drive
Turn slight Right onto E. Holly Street
Turn Right onto Commercial Street
Turn Right onto W. Magnolia Street
* Please serve all legal documents for Bellingham, to the Seattle, WA address.