Barker Martin


IPEX Kitec Class Action Lawsuit (Webinar)

A webinar that gives a brief description of what IPEC Kitec pipes are, the problems of IPEX Kitec pipes, and case studies of IPEX Kitec-related class action lawsuits. read more


Aging Communities, Defects and the Repair Plan & Working with a Lender to Financing the Repair (Webinar)

A webinar discussing construction defects and recommended steps in repairing and financing those construction defects before homeowners file for a lawsuit. read more


Pitfalls of Special Assessments (Webinar)

A webinar that provides an enhanced understanding of what HOA loans are, criteria that permits an association to become eligible/ineligible for HOA loans, and the most common pitfalls of HOA loans. read more


FHA Certification for Condominiums: New Regulations Have Hit the Street (Webinar)

A webinar discussing amendments to Federal Housing Administration and the United States of Housing and Urban Development loan guidelines. read more

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