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Alternative to What?

Alternative Dispute Resolution or "ADR" is traditionally thought of as an "alternative" to litigation: ways of resolving legal disputes that are generally considered to be simpler, quicker and less expensive. But with many states requiring some kind of ADR after a lawsuit has been filed as a way of attempting to settle cases before trial, ADR is quickly changing from "Alternative" Dispute Resolution to "Additive" Dispute Resolution. Instead of becoming an alternative to litigation, it has become an alternative to trial only. But this is not necessarily a bad thing, because while most people understand that they can file a lawsuit to assert their rights, few people understand whether they have a right to ADR methods or how to initiate them if they do. read more

Facing Major Repairs with Underfunded Reserves

One of the most daunting scenarios for a community association board is when a major repair project can no longer be delayed, yet the association's reserves are woefully underfunded. read more

WSCAI's Community Associations (CA) Day - Join Us!

The Washington State Chapter of CAI (WSCAI) is hosting its annual Community Association Day this Saturday, October 18th at the Washington State Convention Center - and we hope you can make it! read more

UCIOA Update

Information on the monthly CAI chapter luncheon. read more

WSCAI's Made for Manager's Day

Information on Made for Manager's Day read more

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