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Welcome to the Rainy Season...

We have had a beautiful summer here in the Pacific Northwest, but the rainy season will quickly be upon us.

We have already had some heavy rain and, like every fall, more is on its way. This is a reminder for all associations to prepare for the rains. It is time to make sure your gutters are clean, your drains are free of debris and you have updated all your emergency contact information.

This is also a reminder to prepare for emergencies. Water damage, whether it is a from floods or broken pipes can occur any time, but is certainly more common in the fall and winter as rains increase, leafs and other debris build up in gutters and drains, and freezing weather can burst pipes. Preparation and prevention are key, but even with such precautions, emergencies can arise. Thus, it is important to know ahead of time what your association’s protocol is for dealing with an emergency.

As a homeowner, in addition to police, the fire department, and/or 911, you should know who to call at your Association in the event there is an emergency. As a board member, you should also know who within your Association has authority to direct work, such as emergency clean up and drying out of water damaged areas. Board members should also know who else within the association needs to be notified.

Most likely your association manager has all of this information prepared, but as we head into the annual rainy, tree failing, wind blowing, plugged drain, and bursting pipe season, a little preparation will allow your association to better manage an unfortunate situation.

For more information on this topic, Lisa Ford from Superior Restoration and Sean Hughes from RW Anderson, and I will be presenting “When the Phone Rings at Midnight. . . .” at CA Day on October 19th (click blue link for more information).