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Welcome, Annie Layer!

We are thrilled to introduce Annie Layer as the new firm administrator for Barker Martin!  Annie has lived all over North America, but her three years in the Seattle area means she is still a newbie. She adores Seattle and has made many new friends, been on a few marches, and even replaced a hip with titanium! Seattle has so much to offer! 

Annie’s diverse and eclectic experience includes 18 years in the defense and aerospace industries in quality management and program management, mostly at Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach in Florida, a long stint at AOL back when the internet first was offered on a large scale to the public, and a number of years contracting and consulting with law firms that were struggling with data and document management processes.  She’s been working with computers and the internet longer than most of us, for sure!

Annie is a fan of neon green – and those alternate Seahawks uniforms – and as our resident hockey fan, she cannot wait for the NHL team to arrive in 2021, hopefully as the Seattle Sockeyes.  Annie also performs stand-up comedy in and around the north Puget Sound area, although she likes to make us laugh in the office, too.

Annie is a wonderful addition to the firm, and will only improve our ability to serve community associations in Washington and Oregon.