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Over the years, Barker Martin has represented many community associations in claims for construction defects and insurance claims.  We're proud of our track record in representing homeowners, condo and homeowner associations.  The financial impact and hardship that results when a community association faces repairs due to construction defects or significant damage and deterioration is a serious problem for both new and older communities. Repairs are expensive, in some cases expensive enough to result in unpaid assessments and foreclosure. For some owners, the outcome of a construction defect or insurance claims dictates whether or not they can stay in their home.  We take that seriously.

Associations should always investigate whether or not they have claims to recover all or part of a repair expense. Sometimes this may include recovery from the Association's own insurance carrier for hidden damage that isn't discovered for many years.  My colleague Jim Guse wrote a recent article on this exact issue that can be found here.

Not all associations will have claims and some of those that do may elect not to pursue them. The key is making sure the owners have the information they need to make informed decisions.  The attorneys at Barker Martin work with owners to evaluate potential claims against their developer, builder, contractor, subcontractor, product manufacturer/supplier or, in some cases the Association's own insurance carrier.

ALSO....   Barker Martin is going to host a Fantasy Football League this year.  We're inviting management companies to join us.  If your management company isn't yet signed up, contact Heather Stephen at for details.