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Association Records Requests

It is common for issues between community associations and owners to escalate into disputes when there is a request by the owner to review association records. On the one hand, a board may not understand the obligation and elect to deny a records request outright. On the other hand, an owner may have unreasonable expectations regarding the scope, timing, and who should bear the cost of review. With this in mind, we offer the following primer on records requests. read more

Uptick in Condo Auctions

Condo auctions may be the new trend in condominium sales. Purchasers of a condominium unit at auction should exercise heightened due diligence to protect their interests. read more

When an Oregon "As-is" Condo is not "As-is"

There is no such thing as a truly "as-is" condominium sold by a declarant in Oregon to a first purchaser of a condominium unit. Oregon law, as in many states, provides statutory warranties or disclosure requirements for initial condominium purchasers--for both new condos and conversion condos. read more

No New Washington Disclosure Laws for HOAs and COAs

No new laws were passed in 2008 modifying or altering a homeowner or condominium association's duty to disclose related to home sales. read more

Association Disclosure and Board Action in a Down Market

A homeowner association board of directors should take proactive steps and particular action to protect itself and its members from the legal risks associated with a down market. read more

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